growth at Open ground studios

the event

Growth is an exhibition of local emerging artists whose work spans cultures and generations. Though the artists showcased are diverse in medium and subject, their various styles are threaded together by a common theme, Growth. Their work focuses on all aspects of the term: physical growth, emotional development, the artistic process, humans, plants, society and community; a collection serving to create a conversation around progress and advancement of all kinds.


The Emerging Artists Alliance of Monterey, in partnership with the Open Ground Studios gallery, is proud to be able to present and opportunity for local artists to share their work in a professional arts environment with an ever-changing audience of patrons and students interested in supporting the creative lives of their neighbors and community members. We hope this exhibition will be the first of many collaborations with an art collective that has been influential in the Alliance’s understanding of artistic community and development. This event is free and open to the public.

the alliance

The Emerging Artists Alliance of Monterey is a vibrant community of artists interested in cultivating new opportunities, ideas and artists in an open community setting, while lending emerging and underrepresented artists a hand through exposure and collaboration. We aim to bring budding artists together, promote their work, and help them find the tools necessary to succeed.

the venue

Open Ground Studios is an art space that houses a gallery, 7 private studio spaces, communal printmaking and painting studios. OGS serves teens, adults, artists and creative explorers. They promote community entrée into creative productivity by hosting workshops, open studio time, classes, social events, and exhibition space at 1230 Fremont Blvd., Seaside, CA 93955

Including Art By:

Annamarie Lopez

Bryce Elischer

Caroline Salyer

Edi Matsumoto

Ellis Something

Emma Heady

Jack Wray

Lisa Haas

Liana Vitousek

Marina Hernandez

Maryia Hryharenka

Raven Cook

Sophie Stewart

Felicia Acosta

Tatiana Hart

Corinn Hillstrom

Dianna O'Briant

Emma Heady

Lisa Haas

Liana Vitousek

Mariya Hryharenka

Annamarie Lopez