Saltwater is EAAM's inaugural art and literature mag, featuring a collection of works by emerging poets, writers, illustrators, creators and artists. This first issue highlights artists of all mediums and abilities, encouraging everyone to participate, especially first-time submitters to EAAM. Saltwater will be featured as part of our collaboration with Monterey Museum of Art’s Ferment Event on June 29th, and will be available at our West End booth in August.



Featuring works by:

Adam Gota

Alejandro Sandoval

Arlene Rayas

Augie WK

Brenda Carrasco

Callie Griffiths

Chalalin Giron

Cielo Cervantes

Corinn Hillstrom

Ellis Something

Emily Underwood

Griffin Dehne

Haley Walker

Hilary Hamilton

Jean Venuga

Jenn Gunter

Jessica Carmen

Juanita Vásquez

Jude Garcia

Keslea Richmond

Kieran Shook

Kim Wendt

Kymber Senes

Lisa McCrosky

Logan Norton

Lorena Hernandez

Lucas Bailor

Monica Helmick

Nina Khan

Penel Alden

Raven Cook

Savannah Chioino

Sean Moore

Sophie Stewart Shook

Spencer Enriquez

Stitch Campos

Tatiana Hart

Valerie Guardiola

Edited by

Corinn Hillstrom

Monica Helmick

Tatiana Hart

Valerie Guardiola